Hot spas and cryotherapy cold plunges for training and sports medicine.

Polarzone hydrotherapy modalities are designed with built-in water sanitation systems - effectively addressing the control of infectious disease pathogens, including MRSA & VRE.   Our Triple Hurdle Sanitation System™ (THSS™) is a three-tier water sanitation process that provides clean, safe hydrotherapy, even under heavy use conditions.   Polarzone spas are fully self contained and portable - no need for equipment vaults or expensive retrofitting.   Our top of the line spas are designed with durability in mind for professional athletic training room settings.

Polarzone Hydrotherapy - equipment you won’t find anywhere else!

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Polarzone water sanitation retrofit for hydrotherapy hot tub spas and cryotherapy cold plunges. Call Toll Free 1-877-765-2796

Polarzone water sanitation systems come standard in all Polarzone brand Hydrotherapy Spas... but did you know you can retrofit your existing hydrotherapy spa or pool with a water sanitation system?  Polarzone manufactures custom built water sanitation retrofits, protecting against waterborne pathogens that can cause problems in high use or public pool and spa settings.  Pictures left is a refrofit for a hydrotherapy spa.  For larger applications (2000 to 90,000 gallons) our "skid pack" does the trick.  They all feature our THSS™ water sanitation system.

Based in Seattle, Polarzone proudly serves the continental United States and Hawaii.  Across the country athletes are benefiting from the incorporation of hydrotherapy into their training routine and Polarzone hydrotherapy is prominent equipment in many college, school, and university athletic training programs.  With Polarzone water sanitation systems trainers, therapists, and administrators have the peace of mind that their athletes are training in a safe environment.

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In every Polarzone spa, carefully calculated flow rates create a continuous exposure of water to the cleansing mechanisms of the system.  Circulation flow, specific to each spa, insures optimum sanitation.  This easy to maintain system effectively sterilizes the water and instantly kills the "bad bugs" including MRSA & VRE.