Athletic Hydrotherapy Spa with sanitation system

The Polarzone Pro Model hydrotherapy modality is a pre-designed 500 gallon physical therapy training spa, allowing for 6-8 professional athletes.

Polarzone Pro model hydrotherapy hot spa and cryotherapy cold plunge modality for the athletic, health and fitness, and physical therapy industries. Toll Free 1-877-765-2796


  • Length: 108", Width: 86", Height: 35"
  • Floor requirements: 65 sq. ft.
  • Capacity: 425 Gallons, Up to 7 Occupants
  • Approx. Dry Weight: 1600 lbs
  • Filled Weight: 5145 lbs.
    (Approximately 79 lbs. per sq. ft)

Power Requirements

  • One 2 pole 208/230 VAC 50 amp circuit
    with a neutral and ground.
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Key Benefits:  (click below to expand for full description)

  • Fully self contained and portable...
  • Polarzone spas and plunges are fully self contained and portable.  If you need to move it, you can – all spas work indoors as well as outdoors.

    Polarzone spas and plunges are fully self contained and portable, so there is no need for expensive building modifications or equipment vaults.  If you need to move it, you can – all spas work indoors as well as outdoors.

  • Comprehensive water sanitation system & design...
  • Water sanitation system for pools and spas incorporating Ultraviolet Light sterilization, Ozone Infusion, and automated Bromine Injection - trademarked as the Triple Hurdle Sanitation System™ (or THSS™)

    Polarzone spas incorporate a comprehensive built in water sanitation system as well as other sanitation design features – A perfectly suited modality for the high usage, multiple occupancy conditions found in professional athletic facilities, fitness centers, and physical therapy settings.

    Polarzone spas feature our exclusive trademarked Triple Hurdle Sanitation System™ (or THSS™).  THSS™ is a three-tiered water sanitation process utilizing Ultraviolet Light sterilization, Ozone Infusion, and automated Bromine Injection.

    Additionally, every Polarzone spa has a unique, highly efficient, and easy to maintain water filtration system.  User programmable filtration cycles continuously expose the water to the cleansing mechanisms of the THSS™ system.  Polarzone's spa water stays crystal clear and CLEAN - even under heavy use!

  • Durable construction you expect...
  • Durable construction - athletic hot spa hydrotherapy and cryotherapy cold plunge, for health, fitness, and physical therapy industry.  Call Toll Free 1-877-765-2796

    All Polarzone products are built to last!  Our spas are manufactured with a high-density-laminate side casing, and is completely trimmed in stainless steel - making them indestructible and easy to sanitize; compared to the many soft, germ prone, PVC plastic, wrap around spas that are designed more for personal home, and single occupancy use.  Polarzone portable spas will stand up to the most stringent indoor or outdoor environments; maintaining its ease of use, reliability, and great looks.

  • The latest electronic circuitry components...
  • User-friendly spa keypad with state-of-the-art computerized controls and NOVAR Internet control option.

    Polarzone uses the latest in electronic circuitry components.  Our deluxe digital control system offers exact water environmental control.  A user-friendly touch "keypad" has computerized digital control over all of the spa functions, including: filtration cycles, therapy jets, coded water temp lockout, and much more.

    Optional NOVAR®™ on-line diagnostics system allows for full remote control and monitoring via the Internet.

  • Temperature lock and regulation...
  • Hydrotherapy hot spa and cold cryotherapy plunge temperature control and regulation

    Polarzone cryotherapy plunges utilize a highly efficient chiller system providing 6–7 degree per-hour temperature pull down, of 500 gallons of water; thereby a holding a steady temperature, from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to room temperature.  Our efficient chiller system will maintain the water set point even under heavy use by large hot athletes - No more hauling around buckets of ice!

    Polarzone hot spas heat up to 104°F and hold their temperature.  A programmable digital control key pad controls all the spas functions - just set it and forget it!  The key pad can be locked out to prevent tampering or unauthorized usage.

  • Well designed rugged shells...
  • Rugged ergonomically designed spa shells with lighting and action spinner-jets

    Polarzone spas have a deep, spacious, true fiberglass shell, providing complete immersion, up to an occupants shoulder.  In addition to built in lighting, Polarzone spa shells are ergonomically form fitted with an abundance of massage jets, including action spinner jets, for maximum therapeutic relief.

    Our shells are fabricated with the polymer additive Microban®™, which provides continuous antimicrobial protection on the shell surface as well as from within - maintaining shell integrity and leading to a long product life. Microban®™ protection is commonly found in hundreds of consumer, industrial, and medical products.

  • Exclusive overflow water recovery system...
  • Polarzone athletics spa and plunge overflow water recovery system

    Our exclusive overflow water recovery system allows for multiple occupancy usage.  As multiple athletes use the plunge, the rising water is collected in a holding tank and replaced back in to the spa; this conserves the treated water and maintains the pH balance, it also saves the need to top off the water level after use - No more over-flow spillage mess!  This feature frees up key people for more important things like attending to your players or patients.

  • Pre-designed models plus customization...
  • Polarzone offers pre-designed models to meet most needs - sizes range from the 425 gallon Polarzone Pro to our 350 gallon Polarzone Collegiate model.  Polarzone's team will work with you to custom design and build a spa to meet your exact requirement's and needs.

    Polarzone offers four pre-designed models or Polarzone's team will work with you to custom design and build a spa to meet your exact requirement's and needs.
    • 425 gallon Polarzone Pro
    • 325 gallon Polarzone Elite
    • 350 gallon Polarzone Intermediate

  • Custom colors and graphics...
  • Spas can be configured to match your team colors, and your team logo can be graphically applied to show your pride.  Looks great in your facility!

    Laminates, shells, cushions and covers can be configured to match your team colors, and your team logo can be graphically applied to show your pride.

    Looks great in your facility!

  • Worry–free warranty and customer service...
  • Polarzone products and services are backed with an industry leading warranty and unprecedented customer support.  Our spas are built to last, providing years of easy maintenance and worry-free, cost effective service.

Professional organizations who use the Pro Model.

NORTHEASTERN OKLAHOMA A&M COLLEGE uses Polarzone athletic Hydrotherapy spas