CHICAGO CUBS 2008 Fitch Park in Mesa, Arizona
Athletics facility hydrotherapy modalities for training and sports medicine.

The Chicago Cubs baseball club logo

The Chicago Cubs are using their Elite cold and hot plunge spas -
installed At Fitch Park in Mesa, Arizona - May, 2008.

The team at Polarzone congratulates the Chicago Cubs, a member of the Polarzone family, on their purchase of Polarzone hot and cold plunge spas with built in water sanitation systems to protect against waterborne infectious pathogens.
GO CUBS!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fitch Park in Mesa, Arizon - Chicago Cubs Winter Home
Polarzone spa Chicago Cubs installation - for a free Hydrotherapy price quote call 1-877-765-2796
Polarzone cryotherapy cold plunge spa modality for sports injury rehabilitation therapy.  Phone Toll Free 1-877-765-2796

Fully self contained and portable Hydrotherapy units.

Chicago Cubs Polarzone hydrotherapy spa - portable sports training equipment - call toll free 1-877-765-2796
Inside the Chacago Cubs Fitch Park Training Facility - hydrotherapy spa by Polarzone NW
Hydrotherapy cryo spa with water sanitation system that kills MRSA, VRE, Staph and Gonorrhea

Built in water sanitation system that kills pathogens
such as MRSA, VRE, Staph, Gonorrhea, Athletes foot fungus...

Portable self-contained sports hydrotherapy spa.  Call toll free 1-877-765-2796
Inside the Chicago Cubs Fitch Park Mesa, Arizona facility
Inside the Chicago Cubs ball club spring training camp - cryotherapy spa modality by Polarzone NW. Toll free 1-877-765-2796

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National Athletic Trainers Association

Polarzone has worked with professional athletes, athletic trainers, physical therapists and engineers to design and manufacture portable cryotherapy and hot spas.

Polarzone Hydrotherapy Spa Features

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