CHICAGO CUBS 2010 Hohokam Park in Mesa, Arizona
Athletics facility hydrotherapy modalities for training and sports medicine.

The Chicago Cubs baseball club logo

The Chicago Cubs have now purchased 4 Polarzone spas!

The Chcago Cubs are now familiar with the many benefits of Polarzone spas after their last purchase in 2008 for their minor league facility.

In February of 2010 they purchased 2 more (one hot hydrotherapy and one cryotherapy cold plunge) for their spring training facility Hohokam Park in Mesa, Arizona.

GO CUBS!!!!!!!!!!!

► View the 2008 Cubs install at Fitch Park here...

The players can't wait to get into those spas.

Chuck Baughman, MS, ATC, LAT
Assistant Athletic Training/Rehabilitation Coordinator
Chicago Cubs
Chicago Cubs cryotherapy spa being shipped to Mesa, Arizona by Polarzone NW 1-877-765-2796
Chicago Cubs Hohokam Park. HoHoKam Park's seating capacity is 13,074. There are over 8,000 fixed seats and 2,000 bleacher seats to go with an outfield lawn seating capacity of 2,575.

Polarzone Northwest designs and manufactures innovative hydrotherapy systems to meet the specific demands of the athletic, health, fitness, and physical therapy industries.

The Chicago Cubs secret weapon at Hohokam Park - for a World Series Win - Hydrotherapy to increase athletic performance
Inside the Cubs traning facility at Hohokam Park. Hydrotherapy spa by Polarzone.  Toll free 1-877-765-2796

Polarzone spas incorporate a comprehensive built in water sanitation system as well as other sanitation design features – A perfectly suited modality for the high usage, multiple occupancy conditions found in professional athletic facilities, fitness centers, and physical therapy settings.

Take a look inside the Chicago Cubs spring traning facility at Hohokam Park in Mesa, Arizona. Hydrotherapy spa by Polarzone NW 1-877-765-2796
An Exclusive peek into the spring traning facility of the Chicago Cubs. Athletic hydrotherapy modality by Polarzone NW 1-877-765-2796

Our trademark Triple Hurdle Sanitation System is a three-tiered water sanitation process utilizing Ultraviolet Light sterilization, Ozone Infusion, and automated Bromine Injection.

Sports Injury hydrotherapy spa by Polarzone Northweast 1-877-765-2796.JPG
Athletic Trainer for the Chicago Cubs review the cutting edge training equipment - Hydrotherapy modalities by Polarzone Northwest Toll free 1-877-765-2796

Polarzone cryotherapy plunges utilize a highly efficient chiller system providing 6 – 7 degree - per hour - temperature pull down, of 500 gallons of water.

Cryotherapy Cold Plunge spa by Polarzone NW - designers and manufacturers of athletic hydrotherapy equipment for professional athletic organizations
Chicago Cubs 2011 Spring Training at HoHoKam Park, Mesa

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National Athletic Trainers Association

Polarzone has worked with professional athletes, athletic trainers, physical therapists and engineers to design and manufacture portable cryotherapy and hot spas.

Polarzone Hydrotherapy Spa Features

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