Columbia University
Chrystie Field House Athletic facility hydrotherapy modalities.

Columbia University Baker Field Athletic Complex Hydrotherapy Installation.

After seeing Harvard University's Polarzone spas during a basketball game, Columbia University of New York City decided to incorporate matching Elite model Cryotherapy and Hot Therapy spas in the renovation of the Chrystie Field House - located at the Baker Field Athletic Complex.  This installation took place July 2009 and was one of our most challenging - the spas were lifted by crane and placed through a 3rd floor opening in the side of the building.  The install went without a hitch!  Polarzone is proud and honored to have two Ivy League schools in the growing Polarzone family.

Columbia University Hydrotherapy Install at Baker Field Athletic Complex
Columbia University - crain lifts Hydrotherapy spa into the Chrystie Field House

Fully self contained and portable Hydrotherapy units
Fits through most service accesses.

Columbia University Chrystie Field House Portable Hydrotherapy Plunge Modality
Columbia University Baker Field Athletics Training Facility - Hydrotherapy spa modality for training, therapy and sports medicine injury treatment.

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National Athletic Trainers Association

Polarzone has worked with professional athletes, athletic trainers, physical therapists and engineers to design and manufacture portable cryotherapy and hot spas.

Polarzone Hydrotherapy Spa Features

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