Lakeside School of Seattle
Athletics facility hydrotherapy modalities for training and sports medicine.

Lakeside School of Seattle incorporated one Elite model Cryotherapy spa and one Collegiate Hot Therapy spa in their new Athletic Training Facility completed October 2009.  Lakesides spas are the first to add our exciting new optional folding side benches.  Lakeside School is a private school founded in 1914 that has a rich history in the Seattle area.  25% of its graduating class attends Ivy League schools and 99% attend collage.  Its famous alumni include Bill Gates and Paul Allen founders of Microsoft.  Other famous alumni include the McCaw brothers founders of McCaw Cellular sold to AT&T.  Polarzone welcomes Lakeside School to the Polarzone family.

Lakeside School Seattle Portable Hydrotherapy Spa Plunge
Lakeside School of Seattle - Portable Hydrotherapy Spa Plunge for athletics training and soft tissue injury

Fully self contained and portable Hydrotherapy units.
Fits through most service accesses.

Lakeside School Seattle Athletics Equipment - for the winning performance edge in your sports program

Optional folding side benches (shown here without the cushions)
facilitates the access and comfort of multiple users.

Lakeside School of Seattle athletics training hot hydrotherapy spa and cold cryotherapy plunge modalites

Built-in comprehensive water sanitation system
keeps your athletic players safe and in the game!

Lakeside School athletics training facility equipment includes Polarzone hydrotherapy spa modalites for sports training and soft muscle injury treatment

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National Athletic Trainers Association

Polarzone has worked with professional athletes, athletic trainers, physical therapists and engineers to design and manufacture portable cryotherapy and hot spas.

Polarzone Hydrotherapy Spa Features

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